The end is imminent since Christ has already been revealed through the Bible

Tribulation has ended for the Church Body (Mt 24:29).

The 144,000 ELECT of God have been SEALED (Re 7:3-4 - Re 14:1-3).

God is now GATHERING the last of the Elect who were scattered in Tribulation (Mat 24:31).

God is judging the Old Body and calls for His people to come out of Babylon - CONFUSION (Rev 18:4).

Babylon is CHRISTENDOM: In HER is found the blood of ALL the prophets (Re 18:24, Mt 23:35).

The House of God is a PEOPLE (not) a building or institution (Heb 3:6).

"Come out of HER my people" is a command to RISE (Eze 37:13).

God is causing the unsaved body to destroy itself (Ha 2:22 - Eze 38:21 - Mt 27:5)